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Information for Limited Partners  6/2020
Your Monthly Relevant Economic Information about Travel Tech 1 SCR
- Monthly Position Statement: Your personalized Statement with relevant information about your investment, updated to June 30th:
- Anexo IV Report: This is a monthly report designed following the specifications of the report Travel Tech 1 SCR must submit to AXIS every quarter, with even more information and updated monthly. In this link you can find the 2020 06 Anexo IV report.
- Monthly Accounts: This is the Balance Sheet and this is the Profit & Loss Account, both from the period 1/1/2020 to 31/5/2020.
In case you want to know what are the compliance requirement of Travel Tech 1 SCR in 2020 and where are due, you can check this schedule.
Corporate events that took place on 29 June 2020
Last June 29 was held, via videoconference, the 2019 Annual General Assembly Meeting, the 1S Supervisory Committee Meeting, the 2Q Boards of Director Meeting and the June Investment Committee Meeting. As always, following the line of total transparency of Travel Tech 1 SCR, all LPs were more than welcome to participate in all the meetings.
In this link you can watch the General Assembly Meeting. Obviously the minutes of the three meetings will be at your disposition.
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Report from the European Travel Commission: European Tourism, Trends & Pospects
The report concludes recovery from the Covid-19 crisis is likely to be quicker and more stable in destinations that rely most on domestic and short-haul travellers.

It states: “Uncertainty dominates and the duration of pandemic restrictions will be key to determine the losses in the sector. The pace of recovery will vary and depend on the extent to which [destinations] rely on international source markets and the revival of consumer confidence.”

And it argues: “A sector traditionally characterised by human interactions will now have to provide the same intangible aspects through more touchless methods.”.
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